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NPKS Plant

NPKS Plant

20000000.00 - 200000000.00 INR/Unit

Product Details:


NPKS Plant Price And Quantity

  • 1 Unit
  • 20000000.00 - 200000000.00 INR/Unit

NPKS Plant Trade Information

  • 1-5 Unit Per Month
  • 30 Days

Product Description

NPKS Plant

NPKS Plant (Nitrogen-Phosphorous-Potassium Plant) offered by us is designed with accuracy and vast expertise. We take care of technical specifications given by our esteemed customers during the designing of the plant. In addition to this we use better plant design and quality assured body materials to make the NPKS Plant reliable. We also make the components inside the plants to suit the industry of high quality fertilizers. Therefore, our plants are widely appreciated worldwide for producing highly effective range of artificial fertilizers that are rich in Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium. In addition to this, our team of quality controllers examine the each designing process of the plants to serve the customers with perfection and precision engineered products.

Some of the features of this NPKS Plant are:
  • Long time operation
  • Low Maintenance Cost
  • Efficient Operation
  • High production output
  • Latest plant designing  


Products Further Details :

NPK blend manures are detailed & prescribed by rural researchers to upgrade the crops' yield by giving it adjusted Specific and selective mix of plant supplements. All the real plant supplements like Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potash are blended in distinctive proportions to make it suitable for particular yields. These particular proportions of N P K & S are called evaluations So there are partitioned evaluations for Rice, Wheat, Potato and Sugarcane and so forth. NPK Complex Fertilizers are as uniform granules from 1 to 4 mm size. They are white, cream, cocoa, dim or dark in shading. There are numerous NP&K evaluations created and promoted like 20:20:10, 10:10:10, 15:15:7.5, 17-17-17, 12-32-16 and 14-35-14.etc. The grade's name is a triad whose numbers speak to the rate of N, P2O5 and K2O separately in the blend. In India all the state governments have indicated the plans to be fabricated in their domains. It relies on the real yields developed there. A grades' portion for different harvests are given underneath

1 PADDY 8 8 8
2 PADDY 10 20 20
3 PADDY 16 8 8
5 SUGAR CANE 12 6 6
6 SUGAR CANE 14 6 4
8 VEGITABLE 15 15 15
10 VEGITABLE      
11 POTATO/ COCONUT 10 10 20
12 TEA 10 5 10
13 TEA 10 5 15
14 CHILLIES 12 6 6

5 15 15

4 12 8
17 FCV
6 8 12
18 GROUND NUT 4 12 12
19 GRAPE 7 10 5
20 PEPPER /COCOA 10 4 14
21 PULSES 5 15 5
22 CARDAMOM 8 8 16
23 COFFEE 12 9 12
24 COCONUT 10 5 20
25 RUBBER 10 10 4
26 RUBBER 12 12 6
27 RUBBER 12 12 12
28 RUBBER 10 10 10
29 ROSE 5 10 10
30 COTTON 14 7 0
31 FRUITS 12 6 6


Required raw materials for making NPK mixture fertilizer:

  • N : Urea, Di Ammonium Phosphate, Ammonium Chloride, Ammonium Nitrate, Ammonium Sulphate, Mono Ammonium Phosphate Etc.
  • Phosphorous as P2O5 : Single Super Phosphate , Triple Super Phosphate, D. A. P. etc.
  • Potash as K2O : Potassium Chloride, Potassium Sulphate etc.
  • Soil Conditioners & fillers : Gypsum, Sand and Dolomite etc.
  • Coating Agents : Soap stone and clay etc.
  • Bagging Material : HDPE Bags


The figured and measured amounts of the aforementioned crude materials are blended appropriately in a blender. The homogeneous mass is then handled in the granulator drum.. The granulator drum turns at low RPM. The material runs up with the mass of granulator for some stature and after that begins moving back. A fine shower of water at this stage begins the procedure of granulation and as the material moves on, the granules' span increments. This material is exchanged to the dryer drum with the assistance of a transport line. The Furnace joined to the dryer creates hot air which is made to go through this wet material. The fixings with low softening focuses liquefy and shapes fluid. The fluid gets saved on the little granules and further improves the granules' span. With the hot air stream the material gets dried. The material is then gone through the cooler drum for cooling. The cooled material is exchanged to the screens to uproot the larger than average & undersize granules from the item. The larger than average granules in the wake of pounding & under size granule are blended with the crude food for reprocessing.


Nature Free flowing granules
Colour Slightly Hygroscopic Off white, Grey & black
Bulk density.( Kg per M3 ) 865
Angle of repose 30-32
Critical relative humidity 60 65%
at 27 o C. percent


Granulated NPK Mixture manures are free streaming and don't ordinarily represent any issue amid taking care of and stockpiling. Covering operators are utilized to make them impervious to hardening. In any case, presentation for more period in areas of high moistness can bring about building up. NPK complex manures are, accordingly, pressed in PVC lined HDPE packs to keep any conceivable drainage of dampness from the environment which have a tendency to advance building up.


90% of the item ought to be somewhere around 1 and 4 mm size. What's more, there ought to be not more than 5% fines (underneath 1.0 mm )


  • The dust emanation are for the most part low in NPK plants because of satisfactory practices, for example, utilization of high effectiveness dust authorities scrubbers and great house keeping and so forth.
  • Dust control supplies are given to keep the contamination level underneath 150 mg/NM3 in the plant building.
  • Proficient contamination control types of gear of the NPK plants are offered by us to keep up a low clean emanation level and to have a decent control over the natural viewpoints.
  • Secured capacity shed are made for Raw Materials. Steady house cleaning endeavors are connected to keep up a perfect plant.



  • We, at Megatech International, take great consideration to make our plant surroundings neighborly. We outline two parallel framework to control contamination from the plant and second to control exhaust and dust emanation in the plant.
  • There are two procedures which may make contamination :
  • The drying framework contains heater where F.O. is blazed. The emanation of vent gasses and dust may happen.
  • The cooling framework where the hot dried material is cooled by blowing surrounding air through this material additionally make tidying.
  • To deal with these two target frameworks an arrangement of cyclonic separator with Induced draft Fan is fitted with Dryer framework and another with cooling framework. These contamination control framework instigate the draft in the dryer Drum, Furnace and cooler Drum and draws all dust and exhaust in twisters where the dust's majority is isolated. At that point both of the streams are together taken to a wet scrubber. This is a three stage scrubber and the water is showered on this stream. The fine tidy molecule get to be wet and held with water. Along these lines, just tidy free stream is permitted to be released through a stack at 15 meter range starting from the earliest stage.
  • The framework's proficiency is above 90 %.
  • To control the encompassing air quality in the plant another framework is outlined and supplied. The types of gear which transmits dust amid operation are given another dust control framework. A cyclonic separator with Induced Draft Fan sucks the cleaned air from these machines. The cyclonic separator isolate a large portion of the dust particles. This stream is additionally taken to the wet scrubber where it is washed out of cleaning. Along these lines, The encompassing air is of good quality.
  • The dust isolated in the violent wind is reused and blended with the crude material The fine tidy make mud in the scrubber. It is reused subsequent to drying. These two frameworks make the plant environment amicable.



  • Condition of workmanship, tested, tried, fuel effective innovation.
  • Our plants are performing better than expected in 17 nations around the world.
  • We send out the undertaking in concurred time
  • We erect and commission the plant in time with devices and handles supplied by us
  • We supply workshop with the plant so needn't bother with neighborhood business sector support
  • Extras supplied by us or manufactured in the plant. In this way, no reliance on neighborhood Market for extras too
  • We send center experts to erect, take trials, charging of the plant
  • We run the plant for one month in our supervision after erection and charging. We run the plant for additional time if the customer goals and pays for the staff.
  • We prepare our staff for running and support of the plant and hand over the running plant to the prepared professionals.
  • We help our customers to receive to the nearby conditions and business sector.
  • We give specialized backing to our customers in the wake of giving over.
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