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Single Super Phosphate Plant

Single Super Phosphate Plant

10000000.00 - 20000000.00 INR/Unit

Product Details:


Single Super Phosphate Plant Price And Quantity

  • 1 Unit
  • 10000000.00 - 20000000.00 INR/Unit

Single Super Phosphate Plant Trade Information

  • 1-5 Unit Per Month
  • 30 Days

Product Description

Single Super Phosphate Plant

Single Super Phosphate Plant is a fully mechanical line that is used to manufacture Phosphate fertilizers, which are used worldwide. This process is based on a simple chemical reaction that is done inside the plant. The reaction is done among quality assured chemical fertilizers. But the plant can not take the rock phosphate as it is water soluble. Therefore, it is used in a reaction with dilute sulpheuric acid. The end product comes from Super Phosphate. This has water soluble feature and good for plants. We design the plant with quality assured components as well as raw materials. It makes our plant sturdy, robust, durable, efficient and high corrosion resistant.


  • Components of the plant: 
  • Bucket Elevator
  • Ball Mill
  • Weight Feeder
  • Belt Conveyor
  • Screw
  • Conveyor Mixe
  • Reciprocating den and Den
  • Den Cutter
  • EOT Crane
  • Vibrating screens
  • Conventional Scrubbers
  • Venturi Scrubbers

Single Super Phosphate Plant


Single Super phosphate is a synthetic Fertilizer which contains Phosphorus as a noteworthy plant supplement. It is generally exceptionally modest and contains numerous smaller scale supplements like Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Aluminum, Sulfur and Gypsum. The Gypsum fills in as a SOIL CONDITIONER. The SSP is produced by the response of finely grounded Rock Phosphate with weakened Sulfuric Acid. The SSP is accessible in powder and granulated structure. The Powder structure is called as PSSP and the granulated structure is called as GSSP. The PSSP and GSSP are accessible in two evaluations. Grade An and grade B. The reviewing is done on the premise of Water dissolvable Phosphorous Penta Oxide present in the item. The An evaluation contains 16% water solvent phosphorous Penta Oxide and the B evaluation contains 14% W.S. P2O5. The granulated Super phosphate is some what costlier in examination to PSSP as a result of the expense of granulation. The GSSP breaks down gradually in the water present in the dirt so it is accessible to the yields for a more drawn out time. The free Phosphoric corrosive present in the SSP is extremely valuable for soluble soils. The PSSP & GSSP are white, cream, dark, cocoa or dark in shading and pressed in 50 Kg packs.


Rock phosphate is mined in numerous nations like India, China, Israel, Jordan, Syria, Morocco, Egypt, Malaysia, Indonesia and numerous African & American nations. The 31% or more review is suitable for the generation.


  • The specialized evaluation Sulfuric corrosive that is 98.5% unadulterated is suitable for the procedure.
  • However spent sulfuric corrosive from different businesses like materials, Detergent and which is a waste, can likewise be utilized alongside the specialized evaluation sulfuric corrosive in the plants outlined by us.
  • FUEL: To dry GSSP any fuel like Furnace Oil, H.S. Diesel, LDO and so on may be utilized.
  • FILLERS: Gypsum, Sand and so on.


Process Of Manufacturing:

  • The Rock phosphate brought from the mines is put away in rock stockpiling shade. This is essential in light of the fact that it is extremely hard to ground wet Rock phosphate. On the off chance that the Rock Phosphate is gotten wet, most importantly it must be dried with the assistance of Rock dryer. The stone dryer contains a drum joined with a Hot air generator and violent wind with ID fan & scrubber. The dried Rock is bolstered to a Ball Mill to pound it to - 100 cross section (90%). The ground Rock is put away in the Ground Rock container. The Sulfuric corrosive got from the producer is put away in the Sulfuric corrosive stockpiling tanks. The extraordinary lined tank may be utilized for the spent corrosive stockpiling. The response between the crude materials happens in the blender. The blender is a vessel with corrosive and warmth safe coating. The ground Rock Phosphate is controlled, measured and bolstered to the blender with the assistance of revolving airtight chambers, screw transports and lift. The Sulfuric corrosive is pumped, controlled, measured and bolstered into the blender with the assistance of pumps, pipelines, Rotameter and valves. The blended material is worked for quite a while and dumped into a Den. The nook is an encased, corrosive & heat safe lined and moderate moving transport. The materials continue responding for 60 minutes. The blender and sanctum are associated with an ID Fan through the scrubbers to clean the radiated gasses. The blended material which was a free streaming slurry in the blender turns into a semi strong in the sanctum and turns into a cake at the release end of the nook. At the release end of the cave the cake is crumbled by cave cutter. The response is quick and exothermic. The response rate relies on upon numerous parameters however above all it relies on upon the cause of rock Phosphate.
  • The material is released from the nook and it is piled in the green SSP shade with the assistance of an Electric Overhead Travel Crane. The response proceeds in the stack and it may finish in 5 days to 21 days. This period depends totally on the root of Rock Phosphate as the stone's reactivity is identified with its inception. The stores are frequently checked and when the material is cured it is moved for assembling either GSSP
  • The response between the stone phosphate and corrosive is called as acidulation & continues with the emanation of Fluorine based gasses. These gasses are cleaned by the best in class Ventury scrubbers which have 90 - 95% proficiency, change over the gasses into Hydro Fluoro Silicic Acid. what's more, Silica. The Hydro Fluoro Silicic Acid is reused again into the Mixer. The silica shaped is utilized as a filler as a part of PSSP & GSSP produce. So a zero gushing framework is utilized.


Properties of Single Super phosphate:

  • Free flowing powder and Granules
  • Grayish to brownish white
  • angle of repose 36O
  • slight Hygroscopic / Caking at long storage
  • acidic in nature,
  • stored in dry place.
  • Quality Specifications :
  • Powder SSP (Green super phosphate)
  • Moisture Contents Max 12%
  • Free Acidity Max 4%
  • Water Soluble P2O5 Min 16

 Product details


Stainless Steel


12% (Wt.) Max

Power Source





30 to 300 TPD

Automatic Grade



Fertilizer Form


Automatic Grade




Sulfuric acid

98.5% pure

Grind mesh

100 %

Free Acidity Max


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